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Meet Jenny

Jently Made was founded in 2011 by me :) - Jenny Chamberlin

As a mom of 4 boys, I started formulating toxin free deodorant in my state of the art science lab (our home kitchen) to help protect my family from the intergalactic super radioactive chemical compounds (bad stuff) that comes in most normal name brands.

The solution was all-natural and vegan, and in addition to being chemical free, it’s been verified to keep our boys (and other local sumo wrestlers) from having smelly armpit odor.

With over a decade of rigorous arm pit testing, Jently Made has received an emmy award (not really) for passing the puberty stage, athlete stage and the incredible stress sweat stage.

And now with the same Mount Everest high standards, Jently Made is developing and launching other all natural, vegan and chemical free solutions.

I have been an active non-meat eating patriot (Vegan) since 2013 with a mission to make everyday living safer and better – Jently Made